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Detail of “Dragon Scales” by Leah Pantéa

Thinking Like a Phage is an engaging book that has the reader imagining what it is like to be a bacteriophage and to encounter the various challenges it faces, be it an obstinate cell wall, CRISPR fortifications, or a multitude of eager phage competitors.” 

Graham F. Hatfull, HHMI Professor, University of Pittsburgh

“Chapter 1 is the best introduction to bacteriophage biology I have seen yet – hits all of my favorite topics! My students will enjoy reading scientific information that is presented in such a clear, interesting and exciting manner.”

Sally Molloy, Assistant Professor, University of Maine

 “a joyful book…the text framed with art…offers the phage story to the entire biology-oriented public in an easily readable way. Very good for new comers and those who do not remember anymore.”

Dennis Bamford, Professor Emeritus, University of Helsinki

“Whether you are an advanced high school or college student, a general science enthusiast, or a an established researcher or biology teacher seeking stimulating ways to introduce concepts in the classroom, Thinking Like a Phage is enjoyable and informative reading. The writing is witty and engaging, yet technically accurate and thorough. Together, the original artwork and the enthusiastic prose produce an unusually refreshing scientific narrative.”

Bentley Fane, Professor, University of Arizona

The phage phield has a nasty little secret: there is not a good introductory book for students and others interested in the most abundant life forms on the planet. Merry Youle has fixed this in the extraordinarily well-written Thinking Like a Phage. The incredible illustrations by Leah Pantea are both informative and beautiful. TLAP is the overview that the phage phield needs…

Forest Rohwer, Professor, San Diego State University

“Our world is populated by untold numbers of creatures, but none are more abundant than the viruses that infect bacteria: the phages. This unseen realm plays a huge role in every ecosystem, yet its very existence is nearly universally unnoticed. It badly needs an advocate, and none serve better than Merry Youle…Be prepared to enter a splendid garden and view Nature at its most ingenious.”

Moselio “Elio” Schaechter, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Tufts University School of Medicine

“Youle accomplishes a truly remarkable feat: the seamless progression from the most basic con­cepts to complex principles. For example, at the begin­ning of the book we’re of­fer­ed simple definitions of ‘vi­rus,’ ‘infect,’ and ‘prokaryote,’ but by midway through we can appreciate the so­phisticated ways in which phages control the timing and quantities of proteins produced during takeover of a host cell…

“TLAP  is a fascinating, well-researched, and highly readable account of all things phagey, suited to a broad audience of life science enthusiasts.”

Jamie Henzy, Small Things Considered


Thinking Like a Phage
by Merry Youle

310 pages, 103 illustrations
Publisher: Wholon (May 1, 2017)

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